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Why Should I Guest Blog?

by Miguel Salcido

in Link Building, Organic SEO

Why Should I Guest BlogIf you just started a blog and are frustrated by the time it may take to gain visibility, guest blogging can be a simple method of increasing your authority and publicizing your new blog. By making a few initial guest posts, bloggers can disseminate their content to a wider audience and invite readers to check out their own personal site. Guest blogging can be a natural and effective way of establishing an online presence for a new blog.

How It Works

Guest blogging works when a writer approaches an established blog with a guest post pitch. In exchange for providing quality content for the host blog, the guest blogger receives a link back to his or her own site.

As search engines grow more and more intelligent, guest blogging proves an increasingly effective way to build backlinks and move your website farther up on the lengthy list of search results.

Creating Personas

A successful way of improving a guest posting campaign is the creation of a few established personas. These pen names help to minimize the footprint of a prolific consultant who is boosting the visibility of several websites at the same time.

Intelligently managing a variety of personas can add legitimacy to a guest blogging campaign. This is often accomplished by creating different authors which are specific to particular subjects or niches that they will write about. This way the same writer who pitched an article on mobile apps will not turn around and produce an article on farm fresh cooking.

Organization Is Key

When managing a number of different personas and working on campaigns for multiple sites simultaneously, it is imperative to remain organized. The short amount of time it can take to set up a spreadsheet with client and host blog information will save a significant amount of extra time and headache later when sorting through a tangle of anchor texts, article titles and client links. Some important information to record and track includes:

•  Blog URL

•  Client information

•  Anchor texts

•  Persona

•  Word count

•  Other notes, etc.

Identifying Targets

Another huge part of the guest blogging process includes identifying the right targets for your guest posts. You will want to first make a list of the possible niches that would apply to your content. Finding unusual connections is a great way to broaden the number of readers who will run into your work.

Other ways to search for places to post include leveraging your personal connections, especially through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also advertise on your own blog that you are available to create guest posts. Finally there are a variety of forums and other places to search for them on the internet.

Finally, remember that there is something for everyone involved in the guest blogging process. The publisher’s blog receives updated and interesting content from a variety of sources. And the guest blogger builds his or her credibility and increases the visibility of a newer website. With these helpful tips, you are ready to venture out into the guest blogging world and start increasing the reach of your own blog.

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About the Author: Having held Director and VP level positions at large search agencies over the past 8 years I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. I now offer agency quality SEO consulting services without the big agency overhead so that more of your dollars will go into your campaign.Follow me on Google+, and Twitter for regular updates.

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