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Three Ways SEO Is Not as Hard as You Think

by Ted Levin

in SEO News

Three Ways SEO Is Not as Hard as You ThinkAs SEO has progressed through the years, Google has attempted to ease the process. Back in the early days, SEO focused solely on keyword-based optimization. As those strategies have grown outdated, new strategies that are both cost-efficient and user-friendly have replaced them.

Even though SEO is simpler for website integration, many companies are still avoiding the process, which is hurting their businesses immensely. Though SEO is time consuming, taking the time to understand the process will improve a site’s rankings, popularity, and growth.

If you are feeling intimidated by SEO, here are three ways why it is not as hard as you think:

1. SEO Language

Many people are under the impression SEO is difficult because of the terminology that is often associated with it. For those who are unfamiliar with the web, words like “algorithm” and “in-bound links” can read like a foreign language. While Google’s algorithms might be complex and certainly like a foreign language to some, the process to implementing the algorithms is not nearly as difficult.

Many business owners shy away from SEO based on the language used; however, implementing SEO into the site can be done simply and without too much hassle. Fear not, as SEO isn’t some advanced programming code. From hiring an SEO consultant to trying the basics yourself, there is no excuse to not be implementing SEO practices onto your website.

2. Understanding Ranking

When it comes to search engine rankings, Google’s process can be confusing. In fact, many experts do not even understand the process, as Google has never released the information to anyone outside of the company. But, the one thing that remains is the fact that there are certain techniques that will improve your website’s search engine rankings. The better results your site gets, the more popular your site will grow.

3. Basic Elements

While there are in-depth SEO strategies, there are also plenty of basics your website can master easily: content, links, social media, and local integration.

Beginning with content, Google’s SEO ranks sites based on their quality and authority of content. Your website should have important page sectors, such as “home,” “contact us,” “about us,” and “products.” These content-rich pages help Google understand the niche of your business, which can help your site appear more organically in specific searches.

Links are another key to asserting your site’s authority. Building quality in-bound links will improve your site’s visibility in search engines. In-bound links are links directing people back to your site. This can be done through guest posting on other sites (making sure to include a link to your site in your bio) and through linking to older posts on your current posts, among others.

Social and local integrations help your site, as you gain credibility with the local community and with customers over social media. Google does rank sites based on social media followers and based on your site’s location, thus it is important to have a presence in both areas.

Although SEO might sound confusing, the basics make it easier for all sites to start integrating an SEO campaign strategy into their site.


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