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SEO Services

I offer SEO consulting services to select clients. But because I am hands on with my clients I have to limit the number clients that I work with at any given time.

Why work with me over the thousands of other SEO consultants in the world?

For starters, with me you will always get a direct and honest approach. I am known for not beating around the bush or telling clients what they want to hear. To me that is an insult to the client.

Another benefit is that I have the vast expertise of having worked on campaigns for large national companies and brands. These large firms would contract the agencies that I worked at in order to obtain my services. Well now you can work with me direct and cut out all of the big agency overhead that you would normally pay to work with me. I have also worked with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses, or SMB.

Reason number three for working with me, is that my services are so good and of such high quality that many other large and medium sized SEO and digital marketing agencies outsources their link building and other SEO work to me. Yes, that’s right, you heard me. Many of the biggest and best agencies in the world come to me to help services their clients. So if you want the level of strategy, service, and results that Fortune 500 clients enjoy by employing big fancy agencies, you can get that direct from me.

Here are a sampling of some of my services:

Keyword Research
Keyword Mapping
On-Page SEO Recommendations
Site Auditing
Competitive Analysis
Blog Optimization
Link Building
Social Content Development (Link Bait)
Social Media Marketing

I also offer Online Reputation Management services in the right situations. Additional services include but are not limited to viral content creation and promotion, on-site SEO training, custom link building and more. So Contact Me today to find out if we are a good fit for each other.

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