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Looking into the SEO Crystal Ball of 2013

by Miguel Salcido

in Organic SEO, SEO News

Either the Mayans goofed, or we misinterpreted their calendar—the world did not come to an end this December in 2012. Therefore, having a website is still an important aspect to anyone’s business, and SEO strategies will continue to evolve to keep up with Google’s wild ride of algorithm changes. Starting 2013 off with a free website is an ideal way to gain online business, but be sure to do your research and find a company like freewebsite.com that offers a website that is not only truly free in every sense of the word, but that is also a good, quality product that offers options for SEO. But how should one attack the SEO battlefields of 2013, when 2012 saw Google unleash the rabid Panda and soul-crunching Penguin? After all, it is arguable that these little guys were responsible for assaulting sites that once held prestigious rankings, and dropped them into search engine oblivion.

Sun Tzu going Viral 
To think of Google as an enemy might seem dramatic and silly, but if your mission is to get high organic placement in the search engines, then this visualization may not be such a bad thing. If your website is to unleash SEO tactics to conquer the Google mountain, then to know this enemy is to know thy self, and only then can it be defeated. First, let us look deep into Google. Why did it unleash the Penguin and Panda? It all comes down to greed and unethical practices not on their part, but on the part of many web masters. Competition for high search engine rankings increased at alarming rates, and as a result, unethical SEO practices were launched such as spamming, keyword cramming and duplicating content. Google put on its policeman’s sash and demanded that quality, original content be published, or else penalties would be issued. From this one may draw a simple conclusion: ethics. Surely, 2013 will be the year of the ethical snake that shall devour the Pandas and Penguins of the Google realm by returning back to basics—good, honest content centered on originality and creativity, and the use of ethical link building that holds relevance.  Also, keyword optimization that doesn’t gorge itself on irrelevant junk words, and paid on-site optimization by sound professionals who strive to offer such ethical endeavors, will surely encompass the SEO practices of our near future.

Dissecting your Plan down to the Nuts and Bolts

Though the above-mentioned strategy may be one that you find yourself on board with and ready to embrace, one must also have a decisive strategy that penetrates down to the nuts and bolts of the SEO plan. In an article published by Forbes and co-authored by leading SEO experts, the content advises that business unit and organizational alignments be initiated. In other words, they call for KPIs to be put in place that don’t cross promote sales opportunities. The article also urges one to keep up with technology changes and to study up on how these changes will work with SEO on a global scale. Finally, it calls upon the understanding of the changing search landscape and the many updates that took place in Google, and that will continue to do so. Understanding the finer workings of these elements will place businesses in the best situations possible to run highly successful SEO campaigns for the upcoming year.

And Back to the Website 

SEO is the vital life-source to any business website that hopes to see a ROI and reign supreme in its industry. But having a formidable website that doesn’t break the bank (free is good), that is aesthetically pleasing and created by professional designers, and that has upgradeable capabilities to be indexed in the search engines for SEO magic is of key importance. Make it your New Year’s resolution to find the right company that offers such websites. Arm yourself with the knowledge highlighted in this article, and take up the sword of opportunity as you charge the SEO battlegrounds of 2013.

Image source: http://www.empowernetwork.com/chrisrush/files/2012/10/seo-fortune-teller.jpg

About the Author: Having held Director and VP level positions at large search agencies over the past 8 years I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. I now offer agency quality SEO consulting services without the big agency overhead so that more of your dollars will go into your campaign.Follow me on Google+, and Twitter for regular updates.

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