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Is It Time to Increase Your Website Traffic?

by Miguel Salcido

in Link Building, Organic SEO, SEO Keywords

Ready Set GrowIn a business world where staying in front of your competitors is as important as anything else you will do, what amount of emphasis have you placed on improving your website traffic month after month?

Unfortunately, some business owners get so consumed with their businesses that they forget one important component, their websites.

Although some businesses are all but non-existent when it comes to having notable websites, many companies know that their websites are the bread and butter of their operations. Without time and effort (not to mention some money) being spent on their websites, they would find that making revenue would be much more difficult.

So, is it time to increase your website traffic?

Turn to the Pros When Necessary

In the event you find yourself simply too busy to devote the necessary time to enhancing your website, give strong consideration to hiring professionals to do just that.

One of the ways to generate both traffic and buzz about your website is by making it a focal point of your business.

While you may not have the time or knowledge necessary to do just that, hiring someone to focus on your site as part of a winning search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is something to strongly consider.

When looking at SEO and its impact on website traffic, here are a few ways search engine optimization pros can boost your traffic:

  1. Focus on your story – SEO professionals have the focus that your brand needs to get more attention. For example, did you know that blogging can bring you potential new customers? When you have a story to tell, make sure it gets out there. Before the Internet, many consumers relied mostly on newspapers, magazines, television, word-of-mouth etc. to learn about products and services. With the Internet in play the last several decades, things have changed rather substantially. You can reach countless consumers (many of whom may be willing to do business with you) when you use your blog to share informative items with them. These can be blog pieces on not only how your products and services can help them out, but also what is going on currently in your industry etc. When you have an interesting story to tell, get it out there for all to see;
  2. Keywords must flow naturally – Even though you never want to come across in your SEO efforts (with the pros or on your own) as simply looking to push a product or service, you know that getting website traffic takes some doing. That said inserting a keyword or two in each piece of online copy you put out there is important. As an example, someone selling auto insurance is going to want to put keywords in copy that relate to that product. So using terms such as buy cheap auto insurance, selling auto insurance, looking for auto insurance etc. will all work. With an SEO pro assisting, he or she can do keyword analytics, noting which terms perform better over a period of time. Whatever you do, make sure the keywords flow naturally within any copy you put out on your blog or when you guest blog for others. The last thing you want to see is Google penalizing your site because it interprets your actions as keyword stuffing and pushing spam;
  3. Social impact can’t be overlooked – Finally, the social media impact that can be derived from having solid SEO practices in place can’t be forgotten either. As part of your overall search engine optimization strategy, using social networking to promote your brand through blog posts and more pays dividends. Using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more, exhaust any and all social opportunities. Lastly, don’t be hesitant to engage in conversation on social media, along with taking advantage of cross-promotional opportunities.

In order to see your web numbers go up, you sometimes need to turn to the professionals to get the best results possible.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be afraid to spend the time and effort (along with money) need to find true SEO specialists, specialists that can make a difference in how your website is truly perceived.

About the Author: Having held Director and VP level positions at large search agencies over the past 8 years I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. I now offer agency quality SEO consulting services without the big agency overhead so that more of your dollars will go into your campaign.Follow me on Google+, and Twitter for regular updates.

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