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Holiday SEO Tips to Improve Business Revenue

by Ted Levin

in SEO News

Holiday SEO Tips to Improve Business RevenueThis holiday season is expected to be the largest online shopping season of the decade. With more and more people preferring online shopping to avoid the hectic holiday crowds, many companies are preparing their sites for increased traffic. As such, many sites are focusing their attention on SEO in order to improve their organic search results.

Creating a holiday SEO strategy focuses on onsite optimization. Although it does take a bit of preparation, updating your site to be SEO holiday friendly can be done easily and quickly, helping your business be more profitable this holiday season:

1. Publish Holiday Content Now

While many people complain about the holidays being advertised too early, consumer reports reveal that the earlier a company advertises their holiday content, the better their holiday sales are. When it comes to SEO, content is key. Thus, when it comes to your holiday offers, you are going to want relevant holiday content.

2. Holiday Preview Page

One of the best SEO tools is to create a coming soon or preview page relevant to all holiday queries. It not only generates traffic, but it also is a great place to begin building links and SEO.

3. Holiday Gift Section

Create a new category for holiday gifts. This type of subcategory allows you to publish holiday related content, include your holiday preview pages or holiday promotions, and allows you to improve your SEO. With the way SEO works, having an easily accessible section dedicated to the holidays on your website makes it more accessible in organic search results.

4. Keyword Research for Holiday Terms

Although there are plenty of changes in the SEO world, one thing still remains true: using Google AdWords Keyword Research Tools will offer you information on what’s trending and who and what to target for the most success. Because of the recent SEO changes, keyword phrases such as “cool gifts for dad” or “unique Christmas gifts” will be difficult to rank highly. Using Google’s research tools will offer you a keyword list to optimize your site.

5. Add Products to Amazon and Ebay

Adding your products to different revenue channels will help improve your SEO rankings since those sites are incredibly popular during this yearly quarter. Increasing the visibility of your products on popular web channels will help to increase the popularity of your personal website.

6. Website Health

Many websites were penalized during Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates. If the health of your website is low, your site will rank poorly in the search engine. Check out your site’s health through Google’s Webmaster Tools. If there are any SEO glitches that are occurring, you can remove them in order to give your site and products increased visibility. Be sure to check out Crawl errors, 404 errors, indexing issues, page speed load time, and broken links.

While there are plenty of marketing tools to prepare for in terms of the holiday season, in order to increase your online traffic visibility, make sure to take SEO into consideration. Sure, you may find it obnoxious that department stores were playing Christmas music before October even ended, but truthfully it’s never too early to think ahead in terms of SEO strategy. If you aren’t, then your competitors already are.


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