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Both SEO and social media marketing are crucial strategies for brand growth and website optimization. Additionally, as they are both organic, inbound marketing strategies, the two play off of each other. Increased social media attention has the ability to improve your site’s SEO, which can increase Google rankings and overall website popularity. Here are five […]

It just takes one or a few negative complaints about your business on social media to start a firestorm. Just ask NBC about the “games” it is engaged with when it came to the 2012 SummerOlympicsin London. Due to the time difference between Great Britain and the U.S., many viewers got delayed coverage in the […]

The process of driving traffic to your website is of paramount importance if you want your online business to succeed. You can waste your time on a multitude of different methods but ultimately, you will find that search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) are the two most effective. Search engine marketing involves […]

Google, the leading search engine in the world, has been trying to filter out many websites with trash content (I mean trash website owners, #sarcasm) from its SERPs. Many updates have come since 2011, which mostly killed websites that have spammy content and link profiles. From Panda to the recent Penguin update, Google is trying […]

Ever since joining the big leagues in May, however, public perception of Facebook’s value has taken a hit. Share values that peaked at $45 slid below $27 just two weeks later. While smaller (and private) companies like Tumblr can toy around with their monetization options without major repercussions, Facebook’s decisions are highly scrutinized. In the […]

Let’s be honest. When you start your own business your main concerns are keeping afloat, getting customers and providing a good service. The idea of branding your business is way, way down the list of priorities. After all, even the idea of ‘branding’ is a little bit nebulous, a little bit insubstantial. However, it is […]

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