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It just takes one or a few negative complaints about your business on social media to start a firestorm. Just ask NBC about the “games” it is engaged with when it came to the 2012 SummerOlympicsin London. Due to the time difference between Great Britain and the U.S., many viewers got delayed coverage in the […]

The game has changed.  That is now obvious.  Over the last year or so, Google has made a statement.  No longer will they allow SEOs and Internet Marketers to easily manipulate the rankings with directory submissions, cheap keyword-heavy spun articles, paid links and anything else that may be considered inorganic. That is why we see […]

Ever since joining the big leagues in May, however, public perception of Facebook’s value has taken a hit. Share values that peaked at $45 slid below $27 just two weeks later. While smaller (and private) companies like Tumblr can toy around with their monetization options without major repercussions, Facebook’s decisions are highly scrutinized. In the […]

This is sort of a venting piece. I was just reminded of some of the crazy thoughts on SEO that clients develop and ask you to build strategies around. And when I say clients I mean both full on agencies with multi million dollar yearly revenues, as well as small businesses. Now I can see […]

This is a guest post that was submitted to me and after reading the headline I could not resist. Case studies are always a good idea. And as an SEO consultant I could appreciate this webmaster’s approach to link building. And this makes me more than happy to publish his content, with a link! Enjoy. […]

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