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Brand Reputation Management

by Miguel Salcido

in Online Reputation Management

With the blossoming of social media, it has never been easier for brands to monitor their brand and how it is perceived. This is indeed a hot topic right now because many brands still do not understand how to leverage social media properly. Heck, many of them do not even have a proper understanding of what social media even is!

I was recently asked to contribute to an article for iMediaConnection.com explaining how brands can use review sites to monitor their brands better. I found it a bit odd that the word “review sites” was being thrown around. To me, “social media sites” would have been a better vernacular because it would encompass all places a conversation was happening online.

reputationThis was an excellent article because it utilized a great number of experts to give their perspectives on how to monitor brands online. I wrote a great deal more than was used in the piece but I feel that I had some good coverage in there. Thanks goes to Neal Levitt, the author, for inviting me to the discussion.

I think that the quick points at the beginning of the article pretty well sum up the consensus amongst all those involved. Except I feel that advertising in areas where your brand is getting negative attention is a waste. I also feel that one of the most important points was not emphasized enough. The idea that when you find a person not happy with your brand or service, that you reach out to that person in a very public way and make amends. This puts a whole new spin on the negativity, shows the community that you care, and fuels a great PR victory that you can promote the heck out of. There you have, you have now turned a nightmare into a dream come true! There are not many chances in life for that kind of turnaround, opportunities like this are worth their weight in gold!

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1 keith lovgren August 21, 2009 at 8:46 am

From the article,

“Setting up a blog, for example, is one way brands can encourage their fans to participate.

“But the brand has to be serious about running these accounts and dedicate resources to it,” Salcido says. “It has to be done right because people will sniff out the fakers in a heartbeat, and it could turn negative very quickly.”

A lot of business owners/managers don’t understand the commitment involved. They start a blog. Post a few times, then put it on the back burner and spend time on more “immediate issues.”

Then, after a few months, they give up. Blog? Nope. Didn’t do anything for me

Putting together a thoughtful post that doesn’t read like a press release isn’t easy.

An example of a great local business blog (Carlsbad) is bubbleinfo.com. The real estate agent started it at the height of the bubble. Jim Klinge spoke openly and frankly in his postings about the unsustainability of the pricing. The site was one of the first to use YouTube videos to catalog the losses of many properties. Its obvious he spends a few hours every day working on the blog.

Fast forward to today. He’s gained nationwide attention and has been quoted several times in the New York Times, Nightline, and the LA Times to name just a few.

While many in the real estate industry are singing the blues, his office is expanding.

A side note – I was surprised out how many pages the linked article spanned. 6 Pages? Get to the end of the page, stop reading, click next, wait for the page to reload, start reading again. Repeat five times.

I understand about multiplying page impressions but for an advertiser are they really more likely to get a click over the course of 6 pages rather than 2?


2 seochampion October 27, 2009 at 5:43 am

I like this Blog.This is very interesting.


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