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We’ve always been told to write for people, not search engines. What does that mean though, how do we reconcile the need for keywords, phrases, and formatting, with an emotional connection to our readers? The answer is storytelling. If you can tell a good story, you can capture your reader’s attention every time. We as [...]

Google algorithms are constantly changing in order to keep up with modern trends and modern security needs. However, many websites can find they are not properly prepared for these updates, leaving their sites in trouble with Google’s ranking system. With Panda’s update, here are the things you should be aware of in order to keep [...]

As SEO has progressed through the years, Google has attempted to ease the process. Back in the early days, SEO focused solely on keyword-based optimization. As those strategies have grown outdated, new strategies that are both cost-efficient and user-friendly have replaced them. Even though SEO is simpler for website integration, many companies are still avoiding [...]

Both SEO and social media marketing are crucial strategies for brand growth and website optimization. Additionally, as they are both organic, inbound marketing strategies, the two play off of each other. Increased social media attention has the ability to improve your site’s SEO, which can increase Google rankings and overall website popularity. Here are five [...]

Five Ways SEO Is Going to Change

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Five Ways SEO is Going to Change

SEO is a complex field that is constantly developing. As the world’s dependency on technology persists, understanding and implementing SEO into website marketing is crucial to organic website growth. However, because it is an expanding field, there are constant updates to SEO algorithms that websites need to be aware of if they want any chance [...]

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Five SEO Strategy Tips for 2015

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The SEO industry is constantly evolving. In 2014, Google has updated its SEO algorithms 13 times—and those are just the big, website-altering changes, as Google nearly improves and refreshes their strategies daily. As such, websites constantly have to adjust their SEO strategies, which is usually a time consuming process. In 2015, instead of being unprepared for new SEO updates, here are a few strategies to be on the lookout for come this New Year:

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