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It just takes one or a few negative complaints about your business on social media to start a firestorm. Just ask NBC about the “games” it is engaged with when it came to the 2012 SummerOlympicsin London. Due to the time difference between Great Britain and the U.S., many viewers got delayed coverage in the [...]

Getting your SEO right is absolutely critical if you are trying to drive revenues on the web. When you’re looking at clicks from organic search, having a ranking in the top two or three on the SERPs makes an enormous difference. Not only that, but there is no point in ranking highly for keywords that are not relevant to your business or have virtually no traffic. What you want is consistently high rankings across the top keywords for your domain – along with hidden long-tail gems that deliver extra traffic with little competition.

If you just started a blog and are frustrated by the time it may take to gain visibility, guest blogging can be a simple method of increasing your authority and publicizing your new blog. By making a few initial guest posts, bloggers can disseminate their content to a wider audience and invite readers to check [...]

PR Today Compared With Pre-Internet Times

by Miguel Salcido 1 comment

In our web-connected world it’s hard to remember what promotions and advertising looked like before the Internet’s popularity exploded. The Old Days It’s difficult to think of twenty years ago as being “the old days” but that’s what they are, especially where PR is concerned. In the “old days” if you wanted to market or [...]

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SEO Tips for Legal Marketing

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Gone are the days when people pick up the Yellow Pages in need of legal representation and look for an advertisement that displays your smiling face along with a bullet point column of accolades. Your future clients are online, and the search engines have replaced all paper forms of “lawyer hunting”. Every competing firm in [...]

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