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Become Animated in Using Videos for Your Brand

by Miguel Salcido

in Infographics, Organic SEO

video-1364122_640If you are trying to bring more attention to your brand, what means are you deploying in this pursuit?

Unfortunately, too many business owners either don’t have the expertise or are willing to make the time to learn about how useful video can be in their brand promotions. As a result, they miss out on some golden opportunities to land new business.

With that in mind, are using video to recruit more customers? If not, is it for budgetary reasons or the fact that you simply are not comfortable with shooting it?

When you put video to use in your brand promotions, you increase the odds that consumers will be drawn to your products and services.

Want to take things up a notch?

By using animation in your brand videos, you leave an indelible imprint on the minds of many consumers.

No matter what your product or service, more consumers are likely to remember your brand if it has some catchy animation tied to it.

So, are you ready to become animated in using videos for your brand?

Get the Picture as to Why Videos Matter

In the event you have been slow to put videos to work for your business up to this point, take a look at some of the ways they can easily be incorporated into your brand message:

  • Blog posts – Blog posts are one of the most important parts of one’s overall promotional efforts, yet far too many businesses fail to realize this. For example, if you run a business that sells school supplies for kids this should be one of your busiest times of the year. With kids nationwide either having had returned to school recently or doing so very soon, there are plenty of opportunities to ring-up sales. Your blog posts should be touting not only the school supplies you offer, but also what is hot this new school year. By putting a link to a video in as many posts as possible, you give consumers (notably parents) an incentive to learn more about your brand. Given the fact many kids love animation (some parents will be amazed by it too), it makes sense that you want to find an animated video production company. That company can make your videos literally come to life. More importantly, you are likely to create a buzz with such videos, videos that kids will tell their parents about as they shop for school supplies for the new school year. Remember, let your blog content tell a story, and then keep the interest level high by animating your video ;
  • Stand-alone videos – You should also have a stand-alone section on your website for videos featuring your products and services. For example, many of today’s students are learning history, geography, science and much more on playcomputers via blogging, video presentations, podcasts and more. Yes, old-fashioned books still exist, but if you walk into any number of classrooms nationwide, you will see kids with desktop and laptop computers at their disposal, perhaps even some mobile devices. Given you sell back-to-school supplies, work with an animated video production company to help produce and organize a stand-alone video section on your website. In this section, both parents and students can browse through any number of videos from what you sell to how parents and students can share the wonders of education. Even though some parents may not end up purchasing supplies from your business, they are apt to recommend your website to other parents, especially parents who view your business as more than just a supply store. As additional web traffic flows in, your brand gets seen by more and more consumers;

When it comes to adding 2-D and 3-D animation, not to mention a wide array of visual effects, your videos can really prove eye-catching.

You are not always going to hit a home run with your videos, but more times than not, they will resonate with a host of consumers.

Unless you purposefully go out and hire a video production team (most brands simply can’t afford to), you are better off working with a video production company.

That company can end up being the difference in making your videos pass the grade with consumers.

About the Author: Having held Director and VP level positions at large search agencies over the past 8 years I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. I now offer agency quality SEO consulting services without the big agency overhead so that more of your dollars will go into your campaign.Follow me on Google+, and Twitter for regular updates.

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