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Miguel Salcido – Professional SEO Consultant

I have been a professional SEO consultant for over 8 years now and love to contribute and help people understand organic SEO. I feel that our industry has gotten a very bad rap because of a few, OK many, bad apples. I want to change that and open peoples’ eyes to the real world of search engine optimization, the one that is results oriented, accountable, and one that works in symphony with the other forms of Internet marketing like paid search, online media, off-line media, social media, online PR, etc.

Previously I have served as an in-house Director of SEO and Social Media. I also have extensive experience within large online marketing and advertising agencies, holding executive and director level positions. I have worked at SEO Inc., eVisibility (acquired by LSF Interactive), Geary Interactive, and Geary PMG (performance marketing group). In these agencies I built teams of people and processes focused on obtaining increased organic visibility on behalf of a wide range of clients. I have also had the pleasure of being able to have worked on literally hundreds of different sites over the  years. This experience has prepared me for any challenge that may come my way. I have also been so lucky as to have worked with very knowledgeable and passionate Internet marketers and some of the best creative teams on the west coast. Working at agencies has offered me the great opportunity to work on some really large projects alongside some outstanding individuals!


Please enjoy my blog, feel free to ask me questions, and participate. If you would like to work with me feel free to use my contact form and include your domain, goals, current situation, and what you hope to achieve and I will get back to you.

I am willing to work on-site with your staff, training them on how to maintain your organic strategy. I can also work on a consulting basis remotely, which is generally how I work. If you have a special need I am happy to discuss other options. I only take on clients that I feel will be a good fit and the number of clients that I work with at the same time is limited.

If you have any topics that you would like to discuss please use my contact form or shoot me an email  (rankings at organicseoconsultant.com).


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